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Vector4 – Projection solution with unlimited use

Visualizing technical drawings, patterns, preforms and various markings has never been easier. Simple and quick calibration for the premises ensures repeated precision projection, which is scalable by designing the Vector4 in 3B and 3R versions according to the intensity of the laser light, and in Pro or Budget versions according to the required accuracy of the projection. The device is controlled by ADMIN4.0, which allows interactive work in a CAD environment with DXF files. ADMIN4.0 is a modular program that further allows the connection of various peripheral devices such as cameras for object position detection and inspection of work quality and correctness and digital tools to create an automated interactive working environment.

Precise projection over a range of 60°

The 60° V/H projection range and the precision and robust design of the laser ensure high projection accuracy over the entire range.

3 projection colours

The colour combination of red and green laser diodes allows you to colour differentiate the projections to create an interactive and clear projection.

Laser power class 3

The laser beam of two safety classes 3R and 3B provides a controlled laser projection intensity of 1-5mW and 5-60mW. Provides perfect contrast on any surface.

Operating time – more than 30.000 hours

The Vector4’s robust design puts no limits on its use, enabling even demanding projection. For medium-duty applications, the service life is calculated at more than 30,000 operating hours.

High temperature stability

Active cooling ensures high thermal stability and withstands the demanding temperatures of the installation environment even under high load.

CAD, 3D projection and calibration

Vector4 is controlled by ADMIN4.0 and work with it is projected into space thanks to the 3D CAD environment. Calibration offers a choice of application-specific methods and is also 3D.

Safe for the eyes

Despite its high brightness, Vector4 is safe for the eyes and sets high standards for safety thanks to its integrated safety features.

Beam width only 3 mm

The laser beam has a constant width of 3mm along the entire length of the laser beam. The installation distance is unlimited and is only limited by the proportionally decreasing accuracy of the projection.

Digital solution and extensibility

Vector4 is an innovative digitally controlled laser projection with high precision, but the digitalization does not just stop at control. Likewise, ADMIN4.0 is a fully digital platform and allows you to work interactively with the projector and, thanks to a number of peripheral functions, connect and control tools that make your work easier.

How the laser works

A laser projection generated by a projector (scanner) is a high-frequency moving point creating a continuous image. The frequency of the projection depends on the complexity of the shape being rendered. For comfortable work without flickering projection this is from 50 to 70 Hz. Vector4 contains 2 coloured light sources namely green and red, combining them to obtain orange or other shades. Vector4 can render with an intensity of up to 60mW which means contrast visualization on any surface even at long projection distances which is the main advantage of laser projectors. The laser light is safe despite the high safety class and this is due to the motion, where safety electronics intervenes with the system whenever the laser dot stops and software safety features constantly recalculate the ideal contrast within adherence to strict workplace safety standards.

How precision calibration works

Calibrating a laser projector to the workspace is an accurate representation of the surface or shape where the projection is to be visualized. Since Vector4 works with precise CAD shapes, the projection is just as accurate due to the precise calibration. Calibration is essential to eliminate ambient temperature effects on the device and its mount, and also in case of movement of the projection surface. For this reason, Vector4 offers both manual and automatic calibration without the need for human operators.

Advantages of using laser guidance and its application

Integration of 3D and 2D

Precise interfacing of ADMIN4.0 and its CAD environment with Vector4 using 2D DXF and 3D STL models. Using 3D calibration, the laser projector can visualize not only in 2D space on a surface but also in 3D space on a differently shaped and curved surface, making the application possibilities endless.

Wide application and extension possibilities

The ADMIN4.0 control program allows for a wide range of extensions and pluggable peripherals such as camera for object position detection, automatic calibration, inspection of the correctness of work operations, digital tools, automation and long-term storage of production data. Find out more about intelligent visual guidance and ADMIN4.0 capabilities.

Temperature stability

Robust construction and direct active cooling allow installation even in harsh thermal conditions.

Precise automatic calibration

With multiple calibration options into the space, installation and projection setup becomes easier.

High performance and safety

The laser diode delivers high power with a wide enough beam for high-contrast, high-visibility projections.

Laser models

Laser Vector4 3B

Reduced power laser projector for smaller, precision-oriented installations.

Laser Vector4 Smart

The Smart version is a lower accuracy budget solution without the option of automatic calibration. Suitable for undemanding applications.

Laser Vector4 3R

Increased laser power ensures a high contrast image even at high installation heights.

Laser Vector4 PRO

The Pro version is suitable for demanding applications with high precision and automatic re-calibration in space.

Vector4 3R/3B laser diode specification

Type Wavelength Light color Power Safety class Beam width Beam width


Vector4 3R 637 nm červená 5 mW 3R 2.5mm 2mm
520 nm zelená 5 mW 3R 2.5mm 2mm
Vector4 3B 637 nm červená 60 mW 3B 2.5mm 2mm
520 nm zelená 60 mW 3B 2.5mm 2mm

Technická špecifikácia Vector4 Pro / Smart

Vector4 PRO Vector4 Smart
Repeatability * ± 0.025 mm/m** ± 0.5 mm/m**
Accuracy ± 0.2 mm/m** ± 0.7 mm/m**
Rendering speed 90 kpps 40 kpps
Max. projection range 60° 50°
IP protection IP54 IP54
Installation conditions 0 … 45°C, 35 … 85% rel. vlhkosť 0 … 45°C, 35 … 85% rel. vlhkosť
Power supply 100-230/50-60Hz, 340VA 100-230/50-60Hz, 340VA
Connection Ethernet port Ethernet port
Dimensions [width×height×length] 339×168×270 mm 339×168×270 mm
Weight 8.8 kg 8.8 kg

* within ± 20° projection range up to 4 m distance from the projection surface, projector positioning perpendicular to the surface and temperature rise > 10 minutes.

** mm per m of projector distance from the projection area.

Interconnection of lasers

Thanks to the unique technology you can easily interconnect up to 5 Vector4 lasers.

Applications of laser guidance in industry

Projection in 3D space

The wide 60° projection range allows for a smaller installation distance from the projection area, and multiple lasers can be combined into a single image for larger areas.

Connecting multiple lasers

The LCS allows the connection of up to two laser series of 5 Vector4 lasers to expand the projection area to up to 10 lasers, minimizing the amount of cabling required to connect these devices.

Laser range up to 60° and its extension

The wide projection range of 60° allows for a smaller installation distance from the projection area, and in the case of a larger area, multiple lasers can be combined into a single image.

Simple and fast calibration

Using calibration plates or edge mirrors, simply mark out the projection area.

Variability of application

Vector4 and its dynamic calibration allows unlimited possibilities for defining the projection space.


See the extension options using the modules of the ADMIN4.0 control program.

Rendering precision

The device is calibrated for accurate display of patterns on the surface or in space.

Laser visibility

Industrial hall and production

 Luminosity from 300 lx to 500 lx.

Mechanical workshop

Luminosity from 700 lx to 1000 lx.

Application of laser guidance in practice

Wood processing industry

  • Installation of wooden houses
  • Completion of wooden structures, partitions and walls
  • Woodworking and visualization of the processing template

Construction industry

  • Visualization of construction plans
  • Actual projection of installation preforms on the wall
  • Plumbing, electrical, furniture assembly and drawing visualization
  • Guidance for the installation of components in cast-in-place concrete panels

Engineering industry

  • Visualization of welding positions
  • Projection of positions for joining parts in welding
  • Display of the machining template
  • Guidance for correct component assembly

Laser control system for industrial environment

The LCS-01 Laser Control System for Vector4 projector is a full-featured compact control system for industrial environments with an innovative approach to control:

  • Plug-and-play control system, no need to connect an external computer
  • Connect your own monitor and control peripherals via HDMI and USB
  • Connection of mobile control unit via wifi (tablet, laptop, pc, monitor)
  • Removable rugged control tablet as part of the LCS-01
  • Physical controls on front panel
  • Status indication via beacon light
  • Connection of up to 10 Vector4 lasers (2 branches of 5 lasers each)
  • Integrated safety and port for external safety button
  • Portable design for easy handling

ADMIN4.0 control program – a modern tool for digitalization of production

ADMIN4.0, a modular program for assisted digital manufacturing, provides an interactive way to automate the manufacturing in the industry. The ADMIN4.0 system helps to set up efficient work processes and controls the output product quality.

  • Visual guidance and projection of work instructions
  • Camera system for system-human collaboration
  • Robotic control for autonomous applications and cooperation with humans
  • Data logging and work statistics
  • Connected peripherals as work tools for work quality control

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