Automated solution for taping die-cutting tools

ADMIN4.0 with DieCut module

What are its main advantages?

Precise visual guidance

Using an input CAD file, the system automatically generates positions for visual guidance and assigns them to procedural steps, which are then automatically executed and guided by the operator.

DXF file support and CAD compatibility

ADMIN4.0 supports DXF input data and CAD compatibility within DieCut has been created for Impact CAD and Artios CAD.

Flexibility at work

The position markers located on the die-cutting plate and the rubber sheet pad ensure flexibility in handling and ensure that the visual projection is always set in the correct position.

Kalibrácia pomocou ARUCO značiek

Size XXL

Oversized die-cutting plates and rubber sheets can overlap and so fit into the work space despite the large dimensions (3000 x 2000mm).

Strong visual guidance

The ADMIN4.0 system combines the right projectors to create a bright, high-contrast projection that doesn’t escape the eye.

Design check

Every position for taping on the die-cutting tool as well as every rubber part removed from the rubber sheet is controlled by the camera system, allowing for a precisely controlled taping that does not create room for error.

Calibration tools

All that is needed for calibration is a standard die-cutting plate engraved according to the pattern.

Optimisation of dimensional tools

The ADMIN4.0 system takes comfort into account and therefore divides dimensional work plates into full, half or quarter areas as required, allowing the operator to rotate the tool to an accessible position after completing a certain part of the tool.

Unlimited workplace

The size of the workplace is determined by the projection range, and this is freely configurable by combining multiple projectors. Configured in this way, the system allows you to create a space of, for example, 3m x 2m at an installation height of just 2m, or 1.5m x 1m at a height of 1m.

Satellite workplace

In order to optimize the space on the work area, it is possible to separate the work area of the die-cutting tool by means of a satellite module designed for a rubber plate with its own camera system and visual guidance.


All production data is logged long term in accessible SQL with analysis and graphical data overview from a local station or remote connection via web browser.

Štatistika výrobných dát ADMIN4.0

Save up to 50% of working time

The ADMIN4.0 DieCut system saves an average of 50 to 75% of the time required for taping the die-cutting tool thanks to automatic visual guidance. The degree of savings is proportional to the complexity of the design.

Shared workplace solution

Split workplace solution

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