Projection of pictograms and traffic signs

Interactive projection with the Render4 video-projector allows you to dynamically visualise signs and controls and adapt to workplace conditions.


  • Workplace and warehouse traffic management
  • Workplace status information signs
  • Organisation of material for warehouse removal and replenishment at workplaces

Camera system and analysis

The camera monitoring the workspace allows you to detect objects such as materials, workers or mobile objects, evaluate their speed and direction, adjust the visual projection to them and thus control the situation in the workplace.


  • Workplace traffic speed monitoring and traffic density analysis
  • Monitoring and counting of workers, their presence and movement in the workplace
  • Prevention of collision situations
Rozpoznávanie objektov v sklade pomocou neurónových sietí
SafeIn - bezpečnosť na pracovisku

Mobile configuration

By connecting SAFEin to a computer network or directly via WiFi, it is possible to configure the device from a tablet, mobile phone or PC. Quick and easy configuration allows workers to customize the projection instantly and directly from the site.

Speed measurement

Monitoring the speed of objects using a 3D camera in conection with SAFEin enables traffic control and safety.

Data collection and statistics

Long-term data collection and analysis helps to control and evaluate working conditions and adjust workplace safety.

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