Visual guidance and control workpalce ADMIN4.0

The ADMIN4.0 visual guidance and control workplace is a set of control and management functions that increase the efficiency of the workplace in the manufacturing plant. Using light signals and visual guidance, it controls the flow of material and its correct installation and assembly into the final product. The camera system helps to detect possible human errors and, together with connectable peripherals such as digital tools, completely eliminates product defects.

By using laser projection, ADMIN4.0 creates a unique interactive environment that increases productivity in demanding assembly tasks by up to 5 times and eliminates most errors caused by operator inattention. Thanks to ADMIN4.0, the size of the workplace is unlimited and by connecting the projection devices, any space can be covered.

Do you have a unique idea for digitizing your workplace? Get inspired and create a customized one with ADMIN4.0.

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Full-featured CAD environment

The ADMIN4.0 working environment is a CAD and 3D environment that allows working with 2D curves as well as 3D models, defining visual guidance respecting the location in space as well as camera inspections or object position detection. Thanks to CAD, all functionalities are connected in one functional unit and form an interactive working map in a simple way.

Product position recognition

The ADMIN4.0 system allows the camera to detect the position of objects in the work area and dynamically adapt visual guidance or quality inspections to the actual position of the product. Position detection can be easily created using a 3D model, 2D curve or photo of the object.

Visual guidance

The projection of the image onto the product or predefined locations in the workspace allows you to visualize the work tasks and thus allow the operator to facilitate his work during demanding assembly tasks and eliminate possible errors caused by the operator. The ADMIN4.0 system supports graphic projection with the Render4 video projector as well as vector projection with the Vector4 laser projector.

Pick to Light

The control of the assembly material on workplace and its active involvement in the process is an essential element in the management of the warehouse-workplace material flow and the assembly itself. The UniBox Pick to Light system is a positional marking of the material with a light for the selection of the components of a given assembly operation, the replenishment of the material from the warehouse and the timely dispatch of the request for replenishment. The UniBox module not only displays numbers, but also graphical information in the form of information symbols. It allows to connect a material counter, a light tube and other devices.

Operator hand control and handling

The ADMIN4.0 system monitors the operator, their hand position and material handling using a 3D camera, all to completely eliminate operator-induced errors. Whether the operator has taken the right tool from the work area or the right material for the assembly operation, everything is always under control.

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Inspection and visual control

The ADMIN4.0 system allows you to create quality control camera functions and use them to check the correct execution of a task or the entire product. In conjunction with visual guidance, it allows individual operations to be conditioned on correct execution. The choice ranges from basic inspection functions to learned neural network inspections. A process set up in this way completely eliminates the error rate of the final product.

Digital tools and extensions

Connected peripherals and collaborating devices are an essential part of the digital workplace. The ADMIN4.0 system allows you to connect digital work tools, sensor devices, RFID operator login, code readers, printers and PLC systems to integrate the workplace into a comprehensive solution or to use digital I/O for signal communication with external devices. The wide range of expansion possibilities of the ADMIN4.0 system creates unlimited integration possibilities.

Human – Robot

The ADMIN4.0 system connects the operator to the robotic arm within a single workplace, allowing simple and monotonous handling operations to be automated. This simplifies the work for operators, who can concentrate only on the essential part of the production process. Interfacing with the camera system, ADMIN4.0 also allows the quality of the workmanship of complex products to be checked.

Data processing and analysis

Process and production data and its analysis is a powerful tool in setting up an efficient process and uncovering its weaknesses. The duration of individual tasks, downtime, defective sections and downtime all allow you to summarize the long term tact and improve production planning.

Automatic generation of demanding production programs using CAD

The ADMIN4.0 configuration environment for setting up production procedures is simple and user-friendly, but demanding procedures can still be troublesome, especially if you are dealing with low-volume production and need to create new procedural programs frequently. The advantage of ADMIN4.0 is that it simplifies the creation of programs using predefined templates and the automatic generation of procedural programs based on input CAD and engineering data. The ADMIN4.0 system is therefore also suitable for one-piece production as the automatic program generation takes a few seconds.

Use in practice

Endless applications across the entire industrial and manufacturing spectrum, from managing assembly processes, to training workplaces and introducing new operators into production, to visualising patterns and designs for materials processing in small and large format production, to information and safety markings. The ADMIN4.0 system works with your imagination and imagination of the digital workplace.
Reduction in production defects and post-repair costs
Increased productivity and time savings of individual production operations
Reduction of training costs and introduction of new operators into production

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